you will find an extensive collection of photographs of restored Rhodope houses
We carry out restoration projects of rural properties which require great amount of time and special attention.
We have repeatedly proved that we master the art of transforming rundown and ill-kept houses into modern properties with all kinds of facilities and functionality, restored and furnished in accordance with your individual preferences.
    Bulgarians and other nationals appreciate the beauty and originality of the traditional Bulgarian style houses. Their attractiveness lies in the natural materials the houses are usually built with – wood and stone –which have preserved them over the centuries. The houses are originally solid, thus providing the opportunity for a modern technology restoration which can transform a house into a highly desirable mixture of modern comfort and historical architecture. Houses in the villages situated in the region of the winter resort Pamporovo are particularly distinguished and popular among the clients of this type of property.
If you have purchased or intend to purchase a cosy old-style house and you are faced with the problem of its restoration but the idea of doing the work on your own or with friends and relatives does not suit you, and yet, the alternative to turn to a construction company scares you with its typically high prices, there is still an option for you to hire a construction team that will perform its job correctly, professionally and creatively.
We have the skills, knowledge and experience to restore any property in Bulgaria. We guarantee that the job will be done quickly and efficiently to the highest standards of craftsmanship and competitive prices. We can also provide references on request. You are welcome to view and inspect our previous projects and to discuss our work with the owners.

We work mainly
with the restoration
of rhodopen houses,because
of the high interest in brinking back
the style,that had been formed
for years by architects and
constructers in
XVIII and XIX centuries.
Roofs with the stone slates

For 10 years we have stacked over 8000m2 of stone slate roofs and we have been improving our work with each new roof.During that period we have reached the quality performed by the construction masters whose work hase been inspiring us with its natural beauty ever since.
The Rhodope Mountains are the most lyrical of Bulgarian mountains combining the relief of mild oval forms, the colourful “rugs” of nature animated by the architecture of picturesque villages, by the hospitality of the people and the legendary songs of Orpheus.

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Before you start!

    Restoring old houses is a specific job with lots of pitfalls. It is strongly advisable to always consult with specialists who would help you arrange the order of the different stages of work which will result in saving time, nerves and most importantly financial resources.